Activate Your Brand

Thank you for your interest in participating at the London Dessert Festival! With a quickly growing community of over 12,000 subscribers already tuned in to the festival, there is no denying that we Londoners love desserts. Especially when those desserts are done a little differently…

We are selecting London’s most trending brands to join us in showcasing their unique treats and concepts, before an audience of discerning dessert lovers and influencers.

We’re looking for designer donuts, vegan and sugar-free taste sensations, tantalising cocktails, some non-alcoholic spirits and gravity-defying milkshakes. We’re looking for artistic ice cream sundaes, brilliant brownies and exquisite patisserie. We’re looking for desserts done differently.

Brands selected to appear at the London Dessert Festival will be captivating, enthralling and totally mind-boggling. To be part of a select group of festival installations, you’ll need to be imaginative, experimental and downright ingenious.

We invite you to take pride of place amongst a cornucopia of exceptional contributors. Apply now to exhibit or collaborate with us - The London Dessert Festival.

Meet The Vendors

We have a fantastic array of delectable brands joining us at The London Dessert Festival this year. Explore the list of vendors so far >