PALETA is how we called an ice lolly in Mexico. 

We wanted to bring a little from home to the UK, share our traditions, our culture and make a tribute to our origins. PALETAS are deliciously amazing and part of Mexican gastronomy, perfects to enjoy them with friend or family. 

But... what exactly is a PALETA? The answer it’s simple: an ice lolly but BETTER! PALETAS are only made with natural fresh fruit and ingredients, combining flavours and creating unique recipes. PALETAS are colourful and can be sweet, tangy or even spicy (because as Mexicans we put chilli to everything)!

Some of our PALETAS flavours are: Lime, Mango, Mangonadas (mango with chilli powder and chamoy), strawberry, tamarind, melon, watermelon, Jamaica (hibiscus flower), frutas (fruits) and cucumber. All our PALETAS are sugar free. 

PALETAS tradition in Mexico is centenary and where born in Tocumbo, Michoacan, Mexico. 

From Mexico to the World... PALETAS have arrived to the UK!